Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lazy Knitting

OK. I have to say something.

At first I though it was simply tacky. Then I thought it was lazy. Then I started to get irritated. Now I'm verging on angry.

I'm talking about the glut of novelty "yarn" that is now flooding the cheap yarn market - giant swathes of pre-knitted, crocheted, or otherwise assembled material that merely has to be gathered in a bit to create some kind of hideous frothy tentacle scarf thing. AND THEY ARE CALLING IT KNITTING.

It is not.

Figure 1: Frothy tentacle scarf thing

Figure 2: The "yarn"

Even if you think the end result is adorable - fine, whatever, taste is personal (even if you have none).  But I have spent years honing and building on my knitting skills. I take great pride in the complex geometry of my cables, the delicate intricacy of my lace, the perfect shaping and blocking techniques, the obscure methods for casting on, binding off, and increasing nearly invisibly that lend professionalism to my work.

But with the advent of these new ruffle yarns, they are telling would-be knitters that knitting doesn't actually require any effort. And this where I draw the line. This crap is the paint-by-numbers of the knitting world. I'm not saying I would never paint-by-numbers. It might be fun. But I wouldn't call it painting.

Any pattern to make scarves from these "yarns" is practically required to mention how easy and lightning fast it is. Some of these patterns don't even require hooks or needles - you just string a separate piece of yarn through and cinch it up like a drawstring. It's insulting.

If you don't really want to knit a scarf, just go buy a freaking scarf.